With our home and office filtration options we can ensure your home or office family is getting the best quality water possible.  We offer many different types of filtration solutions for the home and office with some of our most popular systems shown on this website.


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Alkaline Filters

Our alkaline-ionizing water purifying system takes chlorine, dirt, rust, and sediment out of your drinking water. It then goes a step further to take out the dissolved metals and minerals that are in your water, either naturally or unnaturally.


State-of-the-art water filtering provides exceptional taste. Personally delivered coffee supplies and brewing equipment makes your life easier.

Purified Water

Install a purified drinking water system and make your own top quality water at home—NEVER buy bottled water again! The Dramatic Water Purification System produces extremely high purity water every time, regardless of quality in the water source. This is not true of spring water, tap water or filtered water. Purified water is the objective benchmark against which the purity of other waters is judged.

IWater Cooler

We are water filtration and bottle-less water cooler experts. We combine our great water filtration systems with state of the art water coolers so you get the best tasting drinking water for your business, for the best flat rate price. Our customers have great taste!

Whole House

Our Whole House Filter System reduces harmful water contaminants, keeping the drinking, cooking, and bath water safe for your family.

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