Because I have been in the water filtration business in Atlanta for over 20 years now I am often asked what is in Atlanta’s water.  First this is by no means a complete list and this list may vary depending on where you live in Atlanta, where your water comes from, and how old your distribution system may be that carries the water to your home.  So here is my top 10 list:

1. Fluoride – Yes the city still puts fluoride into the water. According the Fulton County 2017 Water Quality Report it is a water additive which promotes strong teeth.  The report also says that it is less than 1 ppm (part per million) and that it is sufficient to prevent tooth decay in children.  The report also says that no additional fluoride supplements are needed.

2. Microbial Contaminants such as viruses and bacteria – More than likely these contaminants will come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, wildlife and livestock operations

3. Inorganic contaminants like salts and metals. These come from either naturally occurring means that our water comes in contact with as it moves across and through our landscape.  These contaminants can also come from urban storm water runoff and industrial or domestic wastewater discharges like oil and gas production, mining or farming.

4. Pesticides and Herbicides – These come from agriculture, urban storm water runoff and residential uses.

5. Organic Chemical Contaminants including synthetic and volatile organic Chemicals which are by products of industrial processes and petroleum production, from gas stations, urban storm water runoff, and septic systems.

6. Radioactive Contaminants which can be naturally occurring or be the result of oil and gas production or mining activities.

7. Chlorine – A water additive used to control microbes

8. Red Clay / Dirt – naturally present in the environment.

9. Copper / Lead – Caused by erosion or household plumbing systems and erosion of natural deposits.

10. Pharmaceuticals – These can enter the water supply by either flushing old meds down the toilet or by our body’s discharging the left over meds in our body. Both ways end up on the sewer process and then are discharged into our rivers and streams as a byproduct of our sewer systems water discharge. As of this writing the government is not required to test for these substances.

To see Fulton County’s latest water quality report, click the link below:


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Dramatic Water Solutions opened up its doors in May, 1999 to serve the Metro Atlanta area with Water filtration and office water cooler sales and services. Now after almost 20 years we have simplified our pricing and services as well as limited our product line offerings to filtration systems that are both useful and economical to both offices and homeowners in the Atlanta area.



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Whole House Filtration provides filtration for your entire home, which gives you:

  • A quality drink from any faucet in your home
  • Extended life for appliances that use water, like your hot water heater and dishwasher.
  • Cleaner clothes since laundry detergent works better with clean water.

Single Source Filtration Systems are installed where you need filtration for a specific use.

Reverse Osmosis Systems and Filtered Water Systems are typically installed under the kitchen sink and dispensed through a separate faucet.

Shower filters take chlorine out of your shower water.



We can install a drinking water filtration system that provides filtered water or a system to distribute purified drinking water. Either of these systems can connect directly to a water cooler to supply an unlimited quantity of water at a flat rate. No bottles to change, lift or store.

We are not tied to any one manufacturer so we are continuously upgrading our products with the most reliable and cost effective systems available.



If you are looking for a filtration system to meet your individual needs, please feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you with a specific water filtration plan.

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